boat painting

They were born; they died; it happened

This is an ambitious project if you discount the fact that I’m stealing most of this information off the net. Hopefully no-one will complain because A/ I will cunningly disguise or actually acknowledge the source, and B/ there is obviously no money to be made from this. Donations are welcome, of course, but will be spent outrageously on food and cheap wine.

Ideally this will become a social page for people sharing the same birth date. Up until now it has always been me against the world, but now I’m hoping to recruit other birth-date-sharers to fight the good fight.

July Nineteen comes first because it seems apparent that people born on this day were and are better, smarter, worthier, more loveable and sexier than those unfortunates ejected on lesser days. I’m trying to embed audio and video links and so far it’s looking good. Unfortunately it’s taken me a long time to get even this far, so I’m hoping that volunteer ‘Day Editors’ will nominate a ‘day’ and do all the work within the same basic template. There is no financial reward for any of us, but it should be interesting.



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